Landscaping Services

We also offer Bespoke Garden Design and Garden Landscaping services. We can create unique, detailed and beautiful outdoor spaces for our design conscious customers. Using the latest materials and our 20+ years experience, we can provide you with an exceptional bespoke service to realise your garden’s full potential.

Our skill in landscaping goes hand in hand with:

• Block paving & driveways
• Brickwork
• Creating garden paths
• Garden wall construction
• Timber or brick edging
• Creating water features and fountains
• Building raised beds
• Garden retaining walls
• Building patios or steps
• Garden fencing
• Laying concrete or block paving
• Dry stone walling
• Decking
• Drainage
• Garden pergola build
• Installing outdoor lighting
• Garden seating or outdoor dining areas
• Groundworks

We can help you transform any garden or outside space into your dream area.

A huge amount of our customers have never really looked into having artificial lawn laid in their gardens/drives etc- due to opinions such as other products looking like ‘fake grass’, ‘plastic’ and uncomfortable to walk on. We have changed their opinion with our Ultimate range, our lawn looks like real grass, feels super soft on the foot and gives your garden/drive etc a luxurious look all year round.

Customers have opted for our super soft luxurious/prestige low-maintenance lawns for their gardens and other areas that can include balconies, terraces, pool areas because of the many benefits artificial grass offers compared to natural turf.

UK weather unpredictability has prompted many of us garden-lovers and enthusiasts to look for more robust natural alternatives. Our lawn is extremely versatile and will improve the look of any sized garden, areas in the shade where real turf struggles to grow and discolours will highly benefit as your grass area will look immaculate all year round, look out of your windows and enjoy the view! Our artificial lawns also allow you to forget about all the mud, mess, watering and weeding of your garden. It’s time to relax and enjoy the maintenance-free benefits of our ultimate artificial lawn were ever you decide to have it installed.

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