EnviroStik Aqua-Bond Adhesive

A single component moisture–curing adhesive formulated to bond synthetic grass to the periphery surround and onto the special joining tape.

•Simple, quick application

•High bond strength

•Tolerant to use in damp cold conditions

•Coloured to match Green Grass

•One 310ml Tube bonds approx. 3m of joining

•Use with EnviroStik Joining Tape

Before applying the EnviroStik Aquabond adhesive make sure the sub floor is smooth, clean and most importantly free of dust and oil as these will affect the adhesive properties of the product. Aquabond can tolerate damp conditions but any standing or surface water must be removed before application. Once applied to the surface spread the EnviroStik Aquabond adhesive with enough to cover the desired area, leaving ridges of the Aquabond high enough to transfer to the rear of the artificial lawn.

EnviroStik Aqua Bond adhesive is very effective during the installation (or even repair) of artificial grass solutions. The use of this one, single component allows the adhesive to be applied directly from the cartridge via a sealant gun between the two surfaces that are to be bonded.

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